Trust, I must trust…
In the middle of the ocean
Trust, I must trust…
In the midst of the unknown
Trust, I must trust…
In the part of me that wants to
And the part of me that doesn’t
Trust, I must trust…
While they are the similar
They are also very different
In the process of letting go
And in the process of learning
Trust, I must trust…
In the Where I will go
And where I will land
Trust, I must trust…
All that is left to do
Is trust
So trust, I must trust…



Last night I watch the documentary “I AM”.  This has provoked many questions for me, mainly about how I am going to live my life to the fullest and what I can do to act more in line with my values and beliefs.  It is so easy to allow things to happen to us but in reality it is us who creates the reality of our world by our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and what we choose to do with our time.  But life is too short not to do the things that matter most to you.

In the film Tom says “facing my own death gave me an instant sense of clarity and purpose”. Well lucky for us we don’t have to wait until we have a near death experience to think about this or make the changes in our life that we’ve always wanted to if we choose…  As confronting as it is to face our own mortality it also gives us an opportunity to really identify what matters most to us and go about our life spending time doing those things.

The film really highlights the fact that we as individuals really do have the opportunity to make a difference and that we can.

So here’s the challenge… live with love, compassion, generosity and understanding.  Know that genuine connection and community can make profound changes and that it really starts with us individually and collectively banding together so that we can make a difference.

If you haven’t seen this film then I highly recommend it 🙂  Here’s a link to the trailer –