Love… The ultimate test!

If you’ve read my post “Breaking Free” you will know that I am going travelling soon and you’ll know what it’s taken for me to get this point.  I thought I’d faced all my challenges when I wrote that post but what was to happen next was not what I was expecting and it was one of the ultimate tests… Love!

What have I learnt… ?

  • Love is a very powerful force but most powerful when it is directed toward the self
  • Letting go is love and love is also letting go
  • Surrendering into the deep sea of the unknown no matter how scary it is a necessary and vital part of growing
  • The more you “feel the fear and do it anyway” the more you will feel it and do it anyway again next time
  • It doesn’t matter what it is, how long you’ve had it or how much you’ve wanted it… Like a child throwing a paper plane off the edge, you watch it fly, hope it lands safely and get ready to do it all over again
  • Loving yourself above and beyond all else, even when it’s hard, even when it’s scary and even when it means potentially hurting someone else… It is still one of greatest gifts you will ever give to yourself, and ultimately to the other person





Trust, I must trust…
In the middle of the ocean
Trust, I must trust…
In the midst of the unknown
Trust, I must trust…
In the part of me that wants to
And the part of me that doesn’t
Trust, I must trust…
While they are the similar
They are also very different
In the process of letting go
And in the process of learning
Trust, I must trust…
In the Where I will go
And where I will land
Trust, I must trust…
All that is left to do
Is trust
So trust, I must trust…